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State University Construction Fund

SUCF Design Contracts Advertised & Awarded

SUCF Design and Construction Related Services (CRS) Contracts Advertised
 As Of 1/21/2018  @ 12:30 AM

 Project   Campus   Title   Project Type   Contract
  Adv. Date 
 SOQ Due Date:    
 071042-00   Binghamton   Rehabilitate Science IV Ph 2   A/E Design   12/28/2017   01/23/2018   Request RFQ 
 261026-00   Farmingdal   Replace Mechanical Systems- Lupton Hall   A/E Design   01/02/2018   01/25/2018   Request RFQ 
 801804-01   Genl State   CM Term Contract - North Region   Term Master   01/17/2018   02/08/2018   Request RFQ 
 801805-01   Genl State   CM Term Contract - South Region   Term Master   01/17/2018   02/08/2018   Request RFQ 

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