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State University Construction Fund

SUCF Short List of Firms

Project Short List - As Of 9/22/2017

 Project   Campus   Title   Short-List Details 
 061016-00   SUNY Geneseo   Renovate Sturges & Fraser Halls, Phase 1   PDF   TXT 
 091015-00   College at Oneonta   Rehabilitate Alumni Hall   PDF   TXT 
 091030-00   College at Oneonta   Construct New Emergency Services Building   PDF   TXT 
 121013-00   SUNY Potsdam   Construct Addition, Renovate Bishop Hall., Bldg. No. 009C   PDF   TXT 
 261017-00   Farmingdale State Coll   Construct Infrastructure Transportation & Security Center (2020)   PDF   TXT 
 361019-00   System Administration   Rehab Plaza - 5th Floor South   PDF   TXT 
 411006-00   College of Optometry   Renovate 10th floor for Pediatric Clinic   PDF   TXT 
 801801-01   General State   801801 - Architectural Services- Statewide   PDF   TXT 
 801802-01   General State   801802 - Engineering Services- Statewide   PDF   TXT 
 801803-01   General State   801803 - Site Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, and Surveying Services - Statewide   PDF   TXT 

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