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State University Construction Fund

Minority & Women's Business Opportunity Program

The Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program of the State University Construction Fund works to assure that MWBE firms are provided the opportunity to share in construction, professional services and supplier opportunities offered by the Fund.

All firms contracting with the Fund are required to make and demonstrate good faith efforts to include meaningful participation in Fund contracts by MWBE firms.

The Fund encourages the cooperation of prime contractors and principal subcontractors in the development of a meaningful utilization plan. The joint effort of both the prime contractors and subcontractors not only makes the utilization plan development a more efficient process, but also provides for a wider and more diverse span of trades, services and supplies that may be available for potential opportunities.

The Fund works closely and cooperatively with the New York State Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) in advancing opportunities for minority and women owned businesses. ESDC maintains a comprehensive Directory of Certified Minority and Women-Owned Businesses. The directory is web-based and is an available resource for any interested party on ESDC's MWBE website.

Through the combined and cooperative efforts of Fund staff and business partners, nearly $40 million has been paid to more than 300 MWBE prime contractors and subcontracts for work performed during the past fiscal year. Teams have also provided outreach programs to present project opportunities to MWBE firms and provide a setting for firms to discuss opportunities with larger, more established companies, in order to nurture lasting and productive business relationships.

The Fund's longstanding commitment to MWBE opportunities has cultivated countless win/win affiliations for the Fund and its business partners of all sizes. The Fund is resolved to continuing efforts as it moves forth with the implementation of the SUNY Capital Program.

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