State University Construction Fund

SUCF Design Contract Executed

  121013-00  Construct Addition, Renovate Bishop Hall., Bldg. No. 009C
  SUNY Potsdam  Executed Date: 09/27/2017 
  The State University Construction Fund is seeking Statements of Qualifications from consultants to provide design services for the construction of an Addition and Renovation to Bishop Hall., Bldg. No. 009C. The Crane Music Center is approximately 236,000 gsf, consisting of five buildings including: Bishop, Schuette, Hosmer, Snell and Crane. The Crane Music Center is home to the oldest music education program in the country which trains students in a conservatory setting requiring students to demonstrate music performance capabilities. The complex is comprised of a concert hall, a music theater, music library, classrooms, labs, studios, practice rooms and large rehearsal spaces. The four large rehearsal spaces, located in Bishop Hall, range from 900 to 2,400 square feet in size. These rooms are insufficient in size to adequately support the numerous programs in the school. Ensembles and musical groups are becoming too large to properly use these rooms which were originally designed to accommodate between 45 and 60 people with their required musical equipment. Over the past several years the ensembles have grown to between 80 and 120 students exceeding the usable capacity of the spaces. Set up and tear-down time and lack of storage adversely impact the available uses and flexibility of the spaces. Current Building Code requirements preclude accommodating large groups within the existing spaces. Noise levels are at or have exceed recommended criteria when large groups are rehearsing in these spaces. The capital project includes substantial replacements and upgrades to the HVAC systems servicing Bishop Hall and the Crane Music Complex, renovation of the rehearsal and music practice spaces in Bishop Hall, and the construction of a new rehearsal space as an addition to Bishop Hall. A new sprinkler system will be sized for the complex and extended into renovated areas. The mechanical upgrades are located in the basement of the Crane Music Complex. This will be the first of a series of phased renovation projects aimed at upgrading the facility. Submissions should emphasize the design teamís experience on similar renovation projects incorporating building systems upgrades with renovations, providing evidence of experience in renovation of music performance and practice environments, experience with pre-fabricated music practice space installations where possible, design incorporating performance acoustic renovation upgrades, and integration of mechanical and electrical upgrades. Qualifications should stress the design of similar projects (minimum of five projects, with three related specifically to music performance and practice spaces) and experience in managing such projects for public and institutional clients where possible.