State University Construction Fund

SUCF Design Contract Executed

  271023-00  Construct Alternative Energy Building
  Morrisville State Coll  Executed Date: 12/04/2017 
  Morrisville State College was successful in securing a State Grant to construct a new facility to meet demands in diesel technology and renewable energy to be constructed on State property outside of the general academic core of the campus. The existing programs are located in Galbreath, Marshal and Shannon Halls. Their facilities are outdated and are unable to meet the current program requirements. Diesel technology, located in Marshal Hall, does not allow for ease of movement of large agricultural and industrial equipment necessary for demonstration and training. Funding is not available to meet all of the campus programmatic requests. The consultant team will work with faculty, administration and facilities to refine and prioritize programmatic needs with available funding and building siting options. The building siting, extension of underground infrastructure to the new building and the extent of site improvement to accommodate the large industrial and agricultural equipment will influence the level of funding available to support the construction of the new building. The consultant team will work with faculty and administration to define equipment requirements; both built into the new facility as part of building construction as well as equipment needs necessary to deliver program.