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SUNY Buffalo State - New Technology Building


S/L/A/M has designed a new 87,000 square foot facility that will establish an educational center for technology recognized for industry education and integrated learning, replacing existing facilities that are inadequate for high-tech manufacturing research and instruction. The technology center will include new labs capable of teaching and research; lean production; materials testing; environment and information technologies.

The building will include teaching and research lean production lab spaces, analytical materials testing lab spaces, environment and information technology teaching, computer lab spaces, lecture rooms, smart classrooms, faculty office and support spaces.

The project has the goal of achieving a LEED Gold rating.

The building has been designed to accommodate many sustainable design features including: Stormwater quality and quantity control, Brownfield Redevelopment, various Alternative Transportation measures, Heat Island Effect Reductions, photovoltaic array designed for 50kw with expansion capabilities, Green roof - tray system, Daylight and views, Room and Equipment Occupancy sensors, Daylight harvesting, Water Conservation, additional Measurement, Monitoring and Verification, Construction Waste Landfill Diversion, the use of Regional, Recycled and Low - Emitting Materials.
Design innovations: Building as an Education Tool, Green Maintenance Cleaning Program, Low Mercury Lighting
- HVAC Design Features:
High Efficiency Chillers, Evaporative cooling towers with variable frequency drives, 100% Air Economizer for Air Handling Units, Forced Air Ventilation in lieu of mechanical cooling for high bay spaces and equipment rooms, Energy recovery water loop,
Outdoor Air temperature reset.
Variable Frequency drives on cooling and heating system pumps.

 SUNY Buffalo State - New Technology Building

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