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SUNY Oswego - Piez Hall

Piez Hall – Science, Engineering and Technology Building

The new science, engineering and technology building has been designed by Cannon Design to achieve LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The 210,000 ft2 building consists of building renovation and a building addition, providing state-of-the-art undergraduate classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, and interaction spaces for the college’s biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physics, computer science, and electrical engineering departments. The new facility also features a planetarium, meteorology observatory, and greenhouse.

Sustainable site features include incorporating vegetative open areas, alternative transportation including bicycle storage, access to public transportation and dedicated parking for low emitting and fuel efficient as well as carpool vehicles. Optimized site lighting maintains public safety while reducing sky-glow and light trespass. Storm water management features include a bio-retention basins to reduce solids in site runoff.

The building, consisting of an energy efficient curtain wall, increased envelope insulation R-values and high performance mechanical and lighting systems will result in 53% energy use reduction and a 21% cost savings annually over what would be permitted by the NYS Energy Code. A large geothermal heat pump system consisting of 240 wells with a design capacity of 800 tons is being utilized to heat and cool the building.On-Site Renewable Energy includes a rooftop photovoltaic array and a demonstration wind turbine. Occupied spaces have access to daylight providing building users a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors as well as reduction in electricity for lighting. Water efficient fixtures will reduce the use of potable water by 46% and wastewater discharge by 38%.

 Building materials with high levels of recycled materials and which are manufactured locally have been specified and only materials with low-VOC content will be utilized. A digital display will be located in the atrium as part of a sustainable education program allowing occupants to monitor the building’s energy use in real time. It is planned that 75% of construction and demolition waste will be recycled or salvaged.

 The building is scheduled for completion in April 2013, with the site work completed by summer 2014.


SUNY Oswego - Piez Hall - Science, Engineering and Technology Building

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