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Cornell University - Stocking Hall Rehab

Cornell University's Stocking Hall has been designed to achieve a LEED Gold certification under the New Construction 2009 edition Rating System. The new building will provide updated facilities for the campus' dairy and food sciences programs and is slated to be complete for partial occupancy in early 2013 and full occupancy in mid-2014.

Maximizing the energy efficiency of the building was a priority for the design team in keeping with Cornell's focus on reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions for the campus. The energy-efficient building envelope design and high performance mechanical equipment in conjunction with the campus chilled water and steam distribution network will contribute towards reducing the building's energy costs by over 44% annually compared to code (ASHRAE 90.1-2007). The use of water efficient plumbing fixtures will reduce the annual use of potable water by 31% compared to traditional plumbing fixtures, thereby saving both water and energy.

Building materials produced locally with high levels of recycled content have been specified and only low-emitting paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, composite woods and flooring systems will be installed. Additionally, the project team is anticipating diverting over 75% of construction and demolition waste from landfills and into recycling programs.

The project also features a number of highly visible sustainable design elements including an 8,000 square foot vegetated roof that serves to minimize the heat island effect and reduce water runoff. An electronic "dashboard" in the lobby will highlight the building's sustainable design features and allow visitors to monitor the building's energy use in real time.

Stocking Hall Rehab

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