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Stony Brook - Rehabilitation of Old Chemistry Classroom Building No. 2

The approximately 97,000 sq. ft. project, designed by EwingCole in associate with Belson Design Architects, will change the existing Old Chemistry Building from chemistry labs and offices into a new state of the art general classroom building for use by the entire university. A campus Testing Center and Active Learning Classroom highlight the variety of classroom types and configurations within the project. A large addition containing three 250 seat lecture halls will be added to the existing building. Connecting the existing building and new addition is a new atrium/lobby space that will improve building and campus circulation with entrances on both the North and South elevations. The new academic building and addition will strengthen the visual and social link between the Melville Library and the New Chemistry Building. It reinforces the edge of the existing campus green and the zebra walk. The interior layout facilitates collaboration, is active and engaging, and encourages informal interaction. A wide range of types of classrooms, study areas and meeting and gathering spaces address flexibility in use and configuration.

 The SUNY Stony Brook Old Chemistry Building is a high performance building that has also been designed to obtain LEED Silver certification by the United States Green Building Council.

 The design incorporates many sustainable design features. These include optimized energy performance of heating and cooling systems, water efficient fixtures, thermal comfort and lighting controls, recycled building materials, low VOC emitting materials, and an aggressive construction waste management plan. The project sits on a previously developed site within the campus, and reuses the structure and exterior walls of the existing building. Natural day lighting was maximized in each space including the use of skylights in the new atrium/lobby space. The university also integrated enhanced commissioning into the design process and throughout the construction phase to help maximize the efficiency of the building’s heating and cooling system. The building will use 17% less energy than would be permitted by NYS Energy Code.

 The project is scheduled for completion in May 2013.

  Stony Brook - Rehabilitation of Old Chemistry Classroom Building No. 2

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