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Upstate Medical Center - Institute for Human Performance

Upstate Medical University
Expansion of the Institute for Human Performance (IHP)

The Institute for Human Performance Expansion project at SUNY Upstate Medical Center is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and has been designed to achieve Silver certification based upon LEED® 2009 for Design Construction and Major Renovations. This 160,000 square-foot expansion of laboratories and facilities supports the Institute’s research into disorders of the central nervous system.

The four-story building addition design incorporated many sustainable design features and strategies. A highly effective exterior envelope, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, heat recovery systems, laboratory sash control and solar collectors for tempering the cold water supply all contribute to the building’s energy performance. The building is designed to use 26% less energy than would be permitted by NYS Energy Code. Water efficiency has been obtained through the use of low-consumption water fixtures and the installation of native plants that do not require irrigation.

The site was an open parking lot, bounded by tall retaining walls. The project addressed heat island effect by locating 100% of the replacement parking spaces within the footprint of the building above. In addition, the specified roof system has high-albedo materials with high solar reflectance.

Daylighting has been enhanced through the fenestration design, and the selection of light-colored and reflective materials to direct solar reflectance and increase the amount and penetration of daylight into the two-story atrium throughout the day. The atrium will provide daylight into the interior spaces via extensive interior glazing, which has the added benefit of giving more interior spaces access to daylight.

Building materials have been specified with a high level of recycled content or to be regionally extracted and manufactured. Other components include low-VOC-emitting paints, coating, adhesives and flooring systems.

The project is scheduled to be complete in late 2013.

Upstate Medical Center Institute for Human Performance

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