Assistant Director - Capital Program Management (Data & Planning)

Program Management

The State University Construction Fund (Fund), a New York State entity dedicated solely to the State University of New York's building and infrastructure assets at 32 campuses and 3 teaching hospitals, seeks an energetic and motivated individual to join our Capital Program Management team in Albany, NY as Assistant Director, Capital Program Management (Data & Planning). This position is responsible for is responsible for providing oversight and coordination of the capital planning and related data integrity functions in Capital Program Management, as well as providing strategic direction to achieve organizational goals.

The Assistant Director is responsible for the supervision of staff responsible for developing multi-year campus capital plans, including oversight of the data and systems utilized to develop robust capital plans for each campus. The Assistant Director supports the Director of Capital Program Management in implementing policies and procedures for managing the system-wide capital program of the State University of New York.

Specific Duties & Functions:

  • Manage and supervise day-to-day activities of the staff that support the capital planning function within Capital Program Management.
  • Provide direction and oversight of multiple data systems that support the capital planning function, including AiM (Asset Module), Microsoft Project, and e-Builder and ensure quality controls are in place for data integrity.
  • Provide staff with the relevant information to develop short- and long-term capital plans for each campus.
  • Work with co-Assistant Director to ensure staff integrate asset renewal and space utilization needs with campus strategic direction and goals in each campus plan.
  • Work collaboratively with Finance Unit to prioritize projects on a system-wide basis and to utilize data from multiple sources to develop robust capital plans that integrate financial planning.
  • Establish and manage client campus relationships; integrate consensus building into the planning process.
  • Guide staff engagement and development by identifying training opportunities and staff participation in special projects.
  • Comprehend higher level management goals and priorities, lead staff in meeting these expectations.
  • Develop performance metrics and performance reports.
  • Work with Director to recommend streamlining business processes and implementation of new and revised policies and procedures.
  • Work collaboratively with Co-Assistant Director to implement strategic direction of Program Management Unit as appropriate.
  • Facilitate interactions and problem solving with other units on plan management issues.
  • Perform other duties as directed.

Qualifications & Experience Requirements:

A Bachelor's Degree in a facilities related discipline, or other relevant professional field, and ten (10) years working experience with significant experience in planning and executing multi-year capital programs. A Professional License or Certification is preferred. Other essential skills include the ability to think strategically and analytically, and demonstrate problem-solving skills, communication and leadership skills, and decisiveness. Additional requirements include working knowledge of applicable laws, rules and standards regulating design, construction, and public procurement; strong technology skills, including Microsoft Office and project management applications; strong organizational skills and the ability to work with and manage other professionals.

The Fund offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package, including New York State retirement, generous health, dental, vacation, sick and personal time.