Director – Human Resources and Administration

Administrative Services

The State University Construction Fund (Fund) is seeking an individual to manage all aspects of the Human Resources and Administrative functions of the organization. Major aspects include human resources, payroll activities, employee benefits, employee dispute resolution, employee retirements, preparation and oversight of operating budget, fleet management, records management, space management, training and other administrative functions of the Fund. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for implementing applicable regulations and reporting requirements of the NYS Office of the State Comptroller, the NYS Division of the Budget, the NYS Governor's Office of Employee Relations and be familiar with the Federal and State Employment Laws. The incumbent will also be responsible for managing purchasing policies for operational procurements and coordinating the compilation of regular reporting in the areas of personnel, operational budgeting and purchasing.

Specific Duties and Functions:

  • Responsible for the supervision of all Human Resource and Administration operations and staff.
  • Administer policies and issues relating to state and federal employment laws and regulations (i.e., FLSA, FMLA, etc.).
  • Responsible for investigating employee disputes/claims with respect to Fund personnel policies.
  • Collaborates with Local CSEA Union on contract related employment issues and disputes.
  • Responsible for all employment opportunities: i.e. employment postings, evaluation of potential candidates, and preparation and negotiation of offer letters.
  • Responsible for background and reference checks of selected candidates for employment.
  • Responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing the maintenance of personnel files and personnel databases (Human Resources Information System ["HRIS"]).
  • Oversees computation of salaries, salary changes, deductions, and additions based on appropriate sections of law and following Office of the State Comptroller and Division of the Budget procedures. Prepares and maintains the personnel roster and the line item information for the Budget Certificate.
  • Oversees all payroll transactions into HRIS / Office of the State Comptroller's PAYSERV system.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the SUCF Employee Handbook including the maintenance of the Fund's Organizational Charts.
  • Manages the relational aspects of personnel and the Fund's operating budget with the Office of the State Comptroller, the Division of the Budget, and the Governor's Office of Employee Relations.
  • Prepares the annual submission of the Operating Budget Request to the NYS Division of the Budget.
  • Oversees and assists supervisors on the Fund's interpretation and compliance with the CSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Responsible for reviewing and maintaining the required filers list for submission to the JCOPE.
  • Manages the transportation and fleet management function of the Fund.
  • Monitors NYS DMV abstracts of the operators of Fund vehicles.
  • Oversees the development of analytical reports to monitor vehicle usage and the cost of maintaining the fleet.
  • Oversees the records management function of the Fund.
  • Responsible for the supervision of the professional development and training functions of the Fund.
  • Oversees purchases made in accordance with applicable regulations and statutes.
  • Responsible for the overall monitoring of the preparation of a variety of operating payments, reports and listings on a regular basis and follows up to insure that all such material is processed in a timely manner and prior to the due date for each.
  • Responsible for administering the employee performance evaluation process and reviews all employee evaluations prior to distribution to the employee.
  • Manages and coordinates telecommunication needs of Fund staff.
  • Coordinates space allocation within the organization with various unit supervisors in order to accommodate changes of staff, equipment, or work flow.
  • Conducts various personnel studies by gathering and analyzing information and preparing reports.
  • Performs analysis in support of organizational staffing plans.
  • Oversees the maintenance of the supply inventory database and compiles annual report of supply usage and expenditures.
  • Completes special projects as assigned.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements:

A Bachelor's or Master's degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration or related field and ten (10) years of direct experience in human resources and administration. Supervisory/management experience is preferred. Experience must involve a working knowledge of personnel management policies, rules and regulations. Knowledge of the rules and regulations of the NYS Comptroller's Office, NYS Office of General Services, NYS Division of the Budget, and NYS Governor of Employee Relations is a plus. A working knowledge of State and Federal Employment Laws is required. Thorough knowledge of employee benefits, hiring processes, classification and compensation. Ability to plan, organize, coordinate, prioritize, assign and evaluate work within the Administration Services unit. Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both orally and in writing. Ability to analyze a wide variety of employee related issues and to make recommendations for proper actions. Ability to conduct research and to prepare analyses and reports. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships internally and externally. Supervisory experience is required. Strong computer and Microsoft Office skills are required.

An excellent fringe benefit package is available.