SUCF Web Site Accessibility


The State University Construction Fund is committed to providing equivalent access to its Web site to people with disabilities. In designing pages, we consult the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Accessibility Guidelines and use the NYS Validation Tool to review pages. SUCF continues its efforts to provide HTML or text version for its PDF documents.

If you have accessibility questions about this site, please send e-mail to SUCF's Accessibility Liason with the subject line of "Accessibility," or phone (518) 320-1690.


The documents offered within the domain utilize multiple file formats. Below is a chart that will help you identify which software downloads are needed to view different file extensions. If you require a document in a different file format than we currently provide or experience accessibility issues, please Contact Us. To better assist any inquiries please include the page URL and document name(s) in your email.

Document Files

Multimedia Files