Contracts are awarded through a competitive bid process.

Current Fund project construction bidding opportunities.

  • Opportunities are publicly advertised to encourage bidding activity, in the New York State Contract Reporter and in the bid calendar which is distributed to traditional contracting advertising sources and major contractor organizations.
  • The Fund's Bid Submission Requirements are included in project specifications.
  • Special Notice to Potential Bidders: Please review this generic Bid and Post Bid Checklist, which gives bidders a one page summary of what they need to be prepared to do if bidding.

Bidder information for recent Fund construction bid openings.

  • Public bid opening results are reviewed and awards are made in accordance with New York State public bidding requirements with resultant construction activity under the auspices of the Office of Construction Management.
  • Any bids prior to those included on the list are available from the Fund.

Bid Protests