Junior Accountant

Controller's Services

The State University Construction Fund (Fund) is seeking an individual that will be responsible for establishing cost centers and project account funding. This individual must be precise, direct, courteous and professional both verbally and when preparing written communication.

Specific Duties and Functions:

  • Establish appropriate cost centers and project account funding on multiple systems including SUNY Accounting, and SUCF project files and systems.
  • Research and gather data relevant to questions or problems in order to provide a basis for a reply or decision for campuses, SUNY System Administration and other SUCF staff.
  • Verify project charges and closing out of SUCF, OGS, and Campus Administered Projects.
  • Run various reports for data validation and monitoring of campus accounts, and communicate with appropriate individuals as necessary if issues or questions arise.
  • Support the functions of the Contract Unit as necessary which may include the audit of payments or processing of supporting documentation.
  • Assist in documenting and updating Contract Unit policies and procedures.
  • Make necessary budget and/or funding changes to assist in the processing of State agency billings.
  • Draft correspondence and reports as directed.
  • Performs other duties as directed.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance or a related field or an Associate's degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance or a related field plus a minimum of two years relevant experience. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to present information in a clear and concise format. Strong organizational skills and an attention to detail. Strong accounting and information technology skills, including Microsoft Office applications.

An excellent fringe benefit package is available.