Sustainable SUNY

Looking toward a clean future

New York State has been leading by example on clean energy issues since the 1990s and continues to make significant progress.

With nearly 2,000 educational facilities and hospital buildings owned and operated by SUNY, there is vested financial interest to make the best decisions possible regarding equipment purchase and installation, energy, maintenance, and operations costs.

SUNY has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 27% compared to 1990 levels while increasing gross square footage by 38 million.

SUNY is committed to reducing its campus operating costs and carbon footprint, and increasing awareness of sustainable living. 

In early 2018, Chancellor Johnson put forth an important SUNY energy agenda with three key initiatives that include sourcing 100% of SUNY's electricity from renewables, designing all new SUNY buildings to be Zero Net Energy/Carbon (ZNE) capable, and investing in Deep Energy Retrofits (DER) of existing SUNY buildings.